"Isis thinks that if a woman kills one of them, he cannot go to Paradise. He will go to hell. So the Kurdish women from Kobani want to fight Isis very much. They are very willing. And they are very proud. We are sad that they have died. But all the women who fight right now are here because they want to fight."
– Ismet Sheikh Hasan, a commander with the main Kurdish militia (via libertariantimes)

Savage women warriors terrifying the jihadis, who believe if they're killed by a female they won't go to heaven


"You wouldn’t know it from her sweet smile, but the reason why Nesrin Abdi carries a rifle is in case she needs to shoot herself dead.

This, she explained matter-of-factly, would be preferable to being captured by the monsters of Islamic State.

Nesrin, a 20-year-old medical…